How to Make a Decent Movie

Here are some tips to help you make a movie that may not bring you the Oscar, but that does not get ugly in front of friends:

· First, it is important to have an idea. Put your head to work and try your best to restrict your ideas to what you can do comfortably. Try not to imagine anything much beyond your capabilities.

· Then it’s time to decide some things like if you want an animation movie or have real actors step into the shoes of different characters. You need to decide if you want a silent movie, talking movie, total budget, location and number of people needed etc.

· Then mount a “storyboard” which is nothing more than a plan. Put the lines in order; describe the scenes, the theme and the title. Put it all more or less in order, so you can orient them and remember everything clearly.

· Finally start the project. Start by searching for materials, people and sets etc.

· Finalize the costumes, the sets and dialogues. Let the actors rehearse their lines and you can record that. This will help you identify flaws in the script and your actors also would be able to perfect their dialogues through practice.

· Shoot the scenes slowly. It’s not necessary to shoot them in the same sequence they are going to appear in your film. It’s a good idea to group scenes based on costumes, location and actors; you can shoot all scenes that have stuff in common together. Record short movies if your camera does not have good memory and if necessary, use a list of scenes to check what has been done.

· So it’s time for editing. With a good computer, move the camera scenes to your PC and start editing. If you’re really not experienced with editing, use the Windows standard Movie Maker. Find tutorials for it and then edit the scenes, cut the unnecessary scenes, put scenes in order, add titles, credits and at last add sound effects. There are tons of free stuff available on the internet for novice movie makers; you can use pre-recorded sound sequences, backdrops and also nominal special effects. Make sure you don’t try anything that you know nothing about; you don’t want to spoil the unedited version of your movie.

· Finally convert the project into Avi or another format. Just make sure that the picture quality is not compromised.

· Convert it to a format that can be burnt on to a DVD.

· Burn it on to a blank DVD and your movie is ready!

· Finally, use Photoshop or similar programs to make the cover of your movie.