How to Talk Dirty to Your Man & Make Sex So Much More Passionate & Intimate!

The longer a couple is together, sex may become more of a chore than a shared moment of passion. At the beginning of the relationship, everything is passion. But like most new things, the shine starts to dull, and eventually it is just something that is there. Well, pull out the polishing cloth and the cream. It is time to shine up your sex life by making it a little dirty.

If you are afraid or shy to try talking dirty, break out the wine. Have a couple of glasses, and then try. Maybe climb on your man in the living room, and whisper something really naughty in his ear. But don’t stop there, nibble his ear, kiss his neck, then whisper something else. You are sitting on him, so you will be able to tell exactly how he is responding. If this seems to be a little too forward for you, tell him you want him to say something dirty. It will surprise you how turned on you will get.

If you are having a hard time getting the hang of it, go to the old standby. Haul out the adult movies. Although they may not have the best dialogue, they will certainly show you the spirit behind a little bit of naughtiness. If you see something that someone is doing in the movie, and it turns you on, tell your man. Encourage him to do the same. It may surprise you, and then all of a sudden you have added yet another move to the bedroom repertoire.

Don’t let this become routine either. Explore things through movies, talk about them. You don’t have to go to extremes either, but sometimes watching something you have never seen before will evoke a response you weren’t expecting. Believe it or not, men like dirty. I remember a very successful man I knew once told me that his ideal woman was a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. Try that philosophy and your sex life will heat up, guaranteed.