Its All About Magic, Movies and Magicians

These days, there is a wide range of movies which speak loud about magicians, magic or more precisely illusions. They have been around for quite a long time but have proven popular from only some countable years. This is the result of the latest illusion creating technologies, animation science and growing interest in the magicians and movies. Filmmakers today frame up a great drama which drives the audience in to a whole new world of magic, thinking it to be all real and achievable. They push one to make a journey through new zones of capabilities and possibilities.

Magicians in the movies take the breath out of audience with their ability to mislead and slight moves of hand to make the unbelievable, believable. The list of movies about spells and witchcraft is endless and many such movies and TV shows speak volumes about their glory. Some of the famous movies about illusionists and magic are as follows:

To begin with, Bewitched, a movie which was directed in 2005 following a television show with the same title, became highly talked about, the world over. The protagonist is a good natured, naive witch who is determined to part ways with her supernatural powers and lead a normal life for the happiness of her husband.

Two other movies that hit the cinemas a couple of years back are the Illusionist and the Prestige. Though Illusionist did not leave much of a mark on the audience, the Prestige was highly recognized and appreciated. It is about a physicist who develops a machine which can tele-port a man from from one place to another in a fraction of seconds. The plot of the movie is simple but is told in a much complicated fashion. Yet it is a thrilling, intelligent film which surely keep one hooked till the end of the movie.

Talking of these movies about magicians, one cannot skip to mention the Harry Potter series. These movies have gripped a mass of audience through their popular book series. The special effects and the story line keeps all age groups totally attracted.

Hopefully there will come a new era of such exciting movies about magicians in the coming years. With more special effects and better equipment to make the line between illusion and reality finer, chances are surely high, that we will be greeted with spectacular movies portraying magicians, in the future.